She’s actually gone for the headbutt here.

Doghouse Dad’ is Scott Taylor, a 46 year old father and husband who misses sleep like it was a long lost love, and has an inherent suspicion of people who freely choose to eat olives. Having moved south from Thurso back in his late teens, Scott spent most of his adult life working as a bouncer in various pubs and clubs in and around Aberdeen, usually trying to look like he knew what he was doing whilst secretly concentrating on where he was getting his next coffee and packet of Wine Gums from. Soon his career path led him into working in the whisky industry, and becoming a retained firefighter.

After a brief period of unsuccessfully trying to get famous as an internet radio personality, (check out Scott finally settled down into married life and now spends his time grumping at how people still bother listening to Radio 1, and why old people with shopping trollies have to stand yapping in the narrowest aisle of Tesco when all you want is to get past and grab a packet of frozen peas.

Scott has an adult daughter who lives with her partner and kids in the far north of Scotland, a little too far away for Scott’s liking, but just far enough away that he’s able to tell stories about her in this blog without getting punched in the throat.

He also has a five year old son and an almost two year old daughter with his wonderful wife, ‘The Roobs’, who he calls wonderful in this blog because she allows him to post ridiculous stories about her and the nonsense she fills their lives with, and so far has not retaliated by hacking off Scott’s genitalia in the middle of the night with a pair of childs safety scissors.