Three Years Married!

Yesterday was our 3 year ‘Leather’ wedding anniversary, but being as we’re both cash strapped, working tons and a pair of lazy bastards, we decided to not celebrate it by buying each other expensive gifts, and instead have the evening off to ourselves once The Destroyer was unconscious, order some ridiculous pizza and revel in the nonsense that is Thor: Ragnarok

The Roobs however had different plans, which I discovered when I came home in the early hours of yesterday morning after a pretty gruelling nightshift to find that not only had she bought me a large bottle of my favourite ‘Breakfast Beer’, but had also taken a considerable creative surge to hand decorate these faux-leather drink coasters.

I’m glad that after three years of marriage we can still be horribly insulting to each other, and I suppose I can let her off for the sweary scrawl of insults and the silvery toodles adorning my new beer catchers, considering she hasn’t yet discovered that I’ve sellotaped kippers into the lining of her sports bag..

Nothing is more hilarious than having your team mates question your personal hygiene regime as you pull your fish-honking skates and pads out for a team training sessionĀ ??

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