Loose Play

The local council ran a ‘Loose Parts Play’ event at our nearby park recently, and it seemed that everyone who came along had a great time. The premise is that they don’t supply conventional toys that kids would expect, instead they lay out chunks of wood, old pipes, guttering, old tyres and loads of other bits and bobs, and this then fires the kids imaginations when they play with what’s there.

Destroyer and I, along with a bunch of other kids, built houses out of blocks of wood, power stations out of pipes and cables and a bloody good train out of old tyres and cardboard if I do say so myself.

I think the winner though was this rubber spaceship that ‘Astronaut Destroyer’ very nearly took into orbit. As you can see in the background though, not everyone at mission control was fully confident in the rockets orbital path..

..Try and tell me Buzz Aldrin didn’t lose a couple of teeth training to be a space legend, and I’ll call you a goddamned liar.

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