Attack of the Clones

Don’t lie to me, all you parents have done the thing where despite your newborn essentially looking like little more than a sentient potato, you’ll spend ages scowering their faces trying to figure which of you they look most like.

Which we’ve of course been doing with little Scooby here. The usual casual questions back and forth have turned into a mass debate, with family members throwing their hats in the ring now too to try and determine is she’s a mummy or daddy clone.

I’m in the camp that she’s a mummy clone, mainly because she’s ginger and irritable, and likely to piss on me if I try and give her any backchat. Others though are insistent that she’s my double, which I hope she’s not since it’s so hard for me to find size 14 shoes as an adult, I imagine it would be double as hard for a woman.

So my helpful wife made the picture you see here on the far left, showing Scooby rocking a magnificent set of ginger eyebrows and moustache. Despite the little one looking MAGNIFICENT, the shade of ginger is clearly wrong. As we all know by now I’m not ginger, more of a ‘Caithness Copper’ depending on the level of mood lighting.

So I’ve made these other two images as well since the far left one looks nothing like me. My theory is this, judging by my skilled artwork she’s either mummy’s clone, or she’s Batman’s.

She’s either cloned from someone who looks like they hide in a cave to brood menacingly.. Or she’s Batman’s. You decide.

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